Respiratory Nursing: A Core Curriculum

Respiratory Nursing: A Core Curriculum
2008 © Springer Publishing Company, LLC
Michele Geiger-Bronsky MSN, RN APNP, FNP-C; Donna J. Wilson MSN, RN, RRT
ISBN-10: 0-8261-4444-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-8261-4444-7
Nursing, Respiratory


By the 1990s, it became clear to many in the nursing community that certification for respiratory nursing practice was desirable, even necessary, but that this could not take place without a carefully designed CORE Curriculum. This book, nearly a decade in the making, sets out such a curriculum. Put together by an expert team of respiratory nurse practitioners, the book includes 42 chapters, each blindly peer reviewed by at least 3 people for clinical content and timeliness. The book will therefore be essential for all nurses seeking the expertise needed to care for persons with respiratory disease or compromised function. Respiratory Nursing should be read by all respiratory and intensive care specialists, related health care professionals, and teachers and students in graduate and undergraduate nursing programs.

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