Kaplan & Sadock's Synopsis of Psychiatry: Behavioral Sciences/Clinical Psychiatry

Kaplan & Sadock's Synopsis of Psychiatry: Behavioral Sciences/Clinical Psychiatry
11th Ed.
2007 © Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Benjamin James Sadock, M.D.; Pedro Ruiz M.D.; Virginia Alcott Sadock, M.D.
ISBN-10: 1-6091-3971-2 / ISBN-13: 978-1-6091-3971-1
Psychiatry, Nursing


The Best-Selling Resource in Psychiatry NOW UPDATED with DSM-5!

The new and thoroughly updated 11th edition of Kaplan and Sadock’s Synopsis of Psychiatry: Behavioral Sciences/Clinical Psychiatry is a complete overview of the entire field of psychiatry for clinicians, residents, students, and all others who provide mental health care.

In this best-selling textbook in psychiatry for over 40 years, the reader will find a thorough discussion of both the behavioral sciences and clinical psychiatry. The 11th edition integrates all the DSM-5 criteria and provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of treatment methods for every known mental disorder.

The 11th edition is set apart from any other reference you have and includes:

  • • DSM-5 diagnostic tables on every major psychiatric disorder.
  • • A psychopharmacology section organized according to mechanisms of action and updated to include all of the new drugs including those in preparation.
  • • Extensive use of case studies and illustrations to enhance the learning experience.
  • • The most current treatment methods including a description of all newly introduced psychotherapeutic techniques.
  • • An updated and expanded section on child psychiatry; now includes a guide to diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder and other disorders of childhood.

The Synopsis of Psychiatry has been the leading clinical psychiatric resource for psychiatrists both in the US and around the world. It has the reputation of being an independent, accurate, reliable and objective compendium of new events in the field of psychiatry. Now in its 11th edition, the tradition continues, both in print and digital formats—from the authorities you can trust.

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"I continue to be impressed with this book. With a 40-year history of continued revisions, it is simply the best overall review.... This edition is superb in explaining the changes of the DSM-5, which is the main point of this update. If you were to purchase one review book, this would be the one."

-- Aaron Plattner, MD (Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services) Doody's Review

"What an outstanding new edition this is! This is easily one of the best, if not the best psychiatric textbook around, perhaps even better than the two-volume set because of its ease of use. This new edition is welcome in our rapidly evolving field. No psychiatrist or mental health worker should be without a copy, since Kaplan & Sadock has long been the definitive reference in our field."

-- William Miles, MD (Rush University Medical Center) Doody's Review - previous edition


This title is targeted at psychiatrists, nonpsychiatric physicians, medical students, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, and other mental health professionals.

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