Lab Advisor™

Lab Advisor™
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Lab Advisor helps clinicians interpret test results and research and select cost-effective tests when multiple appropriate testing options are available.

With Lab Advisor, you can:

  • • Link to relevant details on diseases, drugs, and toxicological substances
  • • Monitor drug levels, therapeutic levels, and side effects related to laboratory tests
  • • Check medications known to cause false positive/negative results
  • • Minimize patient discomfort with care recommendations

Why choose Lab Advisor?

  • • Provides details on 600 laboratory tests
  • • Recommends appropriate tests per conditions
  • • Assists with interpreting the results
  • • Offers guidance on collecting samples and administering tests
  • • Details on medications known to cause false negative/positive results


The easy-to-access laboratory test information in Lab Advisor serves all clinicians.

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