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Welcome to TDS Health

TDS Health, part of Teton Data Systems, has developed high-quality medical informatics products for over 30 years. Our team of medical professionals, practitioners, and technologists is dedicated to providing the most relevant, authoritative, and up-to-date medical resources. Founded by physician Dr. Richard Sugden, TDS has grown into a preeminent platform for healthcare informatics, serving thousands of practitioners, hospitals, and higher-learning institutions throughout the United States and abroad.

Our premier product, STAT!Ref®, is a subscription-based, online healthcare e-reference library. Healthcare professionals, students, and researchers around the world rely on STAT!Ref for fast access to the most current information available, evidence-based resources and decision support tools. STAT!Ref content comes from 38+ different renowned publishers.

In addition to STAT!Ref, TDS Health has collaborated and partnered with the best in the healthcare industry to provide the finest possible health informatics products available.

TDS aboard the US Space Shuttle Atlantis

TDS aboard the US Space Shuttle Atlantis


TDS Health collaborates and partners with the best in the healthcare industry to provide the finest possible health informatics products available to our subscribers. Many of our collaborations incorporate our partner's products or resources within our own product and some partnerships are created for the mutual benefit of our user’s.

Our Partners or Fellow Collaborators

Discovery, Federated Search Services, Course Management Systems & Single Sign-on

We are compatible and work with many of these leading services to ensure that your users have the best experience and as seamless accessibility to our products as possible.

This is just a sampling of the companies we work with. We are not limited to those listed above and should be compatible with others as long as they do not require the crawling of our content.

Subscriber Markets

Our customers represent a wide variety of markets, including but not limited to:

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  • • Academic Institutions: Community & State Colleges, Universities, Online Schools, Nursing & Dental programs and more...
  • • Clinics: Chiropractic, Out-patient, Physical Therapy, Urgent Care, Women & Children's, etc...
  • • Consortiums: Health Systems, Country/Province, Private, US State, etc...
  • • Health Systems: CHCs, EPOs, HMOs, PPOs, VAs, etc...
  • • Hospitals: Cancer, Children's, Community, Convalescent, Specialty, Teaching, Trauma, etc...
  • • US Government and Military: forward-deployed healthcare practitioners
  • • Payors: Insurance Carriers, Third-party Payers, Health Plan Sponsors (employers or unions)
  • • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • • Pharmacies
  • • Private Industry & Private Practice: Physician Groups, Pain Management, Naturopath's, Dental/Optometrist/Psychiatrist Offices, Sports Medicine and so much more...