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While on this site you can go to our Support page where you will find PDFs with title and product information, video presentations and product tutorials which will help you with your use of STAT!Ref.
If you are in STAT!Ref Online then the Help link in the toolbar has answers to most questions on how to use STAT!Ref Online. When you open the help page you will see the help section divided into 3 categories:
Client Manager Help
Statistician Help
User Help
Different levels of help are available based on your own user level. The Client Manager is the person within your institution who manages your STAT!Ref account. The Client Manager has access to the group's properties page -- they may view all of the group's properties and may configure username accounts as well as access the usage reports that Statisticians use.
The Statistician may generate and view statistics reports, but does not have access to group properties or username accounts.
Users have the default access level for STAT!Ref Online which they can use to find answers by using search, the table of contents and the dictionary. Users do not have access to account management or to statistics reports.
If you cannot find the answers you are looking for please contact us with your questions.
Officially supported browser versions are major version minus 1; e.g. Internet Explorer 11 is the official released version of IE. So STAT!Ref supports IE 10 and later (officially). Unofficially, we do strive to maintain functionality for older browsers which requires some functionality to degrade as gracefully as possible.
  • Chrome (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Edge (Windows)
  • Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • IE (Windows)
  • Safari (Mac & Windows)
Any computer with a modern browser and a connection to the internet.
Our new titles, new editions and supplemental updates are done seamlessly behind the scenes as soon as possible after the information is released to us from the various publishers.

Links to all "New and Updated" titles can be found on our Updated title page. Go to New and Updated to view now. You can also view recent title information by clicking on the What's New link at the bottom of the STAT!Ref Online search screen. Notes on title updates that have taken place are available from the footer of STAT!Ref Online pages through the Title Updates link in the lower right corner.
STAT!Ref supports many Federated Search Engines & Discovery Services. Here is a list of the most common ones:
  • • EBSCO A - Z
  • • Ex Libris (ProQuest)
  • • Innovative Interfaces
  • • MuseFirst
  • • Northern Light's
  • • OpenAthens
  • • Serials Solutions 360 Search
  • • TDNet
  • • WAM
  • • OCLC
  • • OVID
That's easy! Just contact us and we will set you up with your own Client Advisor based upon your location. They can customize a package that is just right to fit your needs, budget, and timeframe.


Primal Pictures -

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If you can access but only see a black box where and image or video should be then you are probably connecting through a proxy server. We will need to collect some information from you in order to register your proxy server with Primal Inc. Once your proxy is registered then you will be able to see all graphics. Please contact support for help with this issue.
EZ PROXY Config for Anatomy:
  • Title: ATV
  • URL:
  • Host:

Resolution: Enable ActiveX controls and allow cookies from Primal
Machine(s) on which the users are facing problems are locked down, and do not have permissions to install ActiveX controls or allow cookies from Primals website.

Primals site uses Apple QuickTime and Microsoft Windows Media Player Plug-in for playing movies and the site checks for it when the product is launched.

How to enable ActiveX controls for Internet Explorer/Windows XP
In Internet Explorer:

  • On the Tools menu, click Internet Options
  • Select the Security tab
  • Make sure that the Internet content zone is selected and click Custom Level
  • Set Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins to Enable
  • Set Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting to Enable
  • Click OK
  • Close all the instence of Internet Explorer and then re-open it
Click here for more help on ActiveX controls.

How you use will depend upon the Module(s) you have available to you. Most Modules have a Help & About section. Please refer to that section as well as view a video for your module if available, download a handout or refer to a user guide for the module you have questions about.
  • Click the "Save" Icon
  • Click the image and then click the "Save Image" button.
  • The image will save and download as a .png file that can be used in PowerPoint™ and Word™ etc.
Features vary by Module. Some modules like Anatomy & Physiology also include additional buttons; Save Topic Text & Save Topic PDF
  • In some modules, movies can be saved.
  • Click the save Icon.
  • Click the button you want; Save Movie, Save Topic Text, or Save Topic PDF.*
  • Once the button is clicked your item will automatically download.
*If you have additional questions please see the user guide
This feature is not supported through TDS Health at this time. A URL created in will go directly to by-passing authentication from STAT!Ref. A URL may appear to work for a time but after approximately 24 hours it will cease to work and will prompt a user for an user name and password. STAT!Ref authenticated users do not have an user name & password. To get back into the user needs to go through STAT!Ref.

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