Spinal Cord Medicine

Spinal Cord Medicine
3rd Ed.
2019 © Demos Medical Publishing, LLC
Vernon W. Lin MD, PhD; Steven Kirshblum, MD
ISBN-13: 978-0-8261-3774-6
Physical Medicine, Neurology, Nursing


In this comprehensive, clinically directed, reference for the diagnosis and treatment of persons with spinal cord injury and related disorders, editors of the two leading texts on spinal cord injury (SCI) medicine have joined together to develop a singular premier resource for professionals in the field. Spinal Cord Medicine, Third Edition draws on the expertise of seasoned editors and experienced chapter authors to produce one collaborative volume with the most up-to-date medical, clinical, and rehabilitative knowledge in spinal cord injury management across the spectrum of care.

This jointly configured third edition builds on the foundation of both prior texts to reflect the breadth and depth of the specialty. Containing 60 state-of-the-art chapters, the book is divided into sections covering introduction and assessment, acute injury management and surgical considerations, medical management, neurological and musculoskeletal care, rehabilitation, recent research advances, system-based practice, and special topics. New and expanded content focuses on the significant changes in the epidemiology of traumatic injury, the classification of SCI, and the latest medical treatments of multiple medical complications. In addition, chapters discuss new surgical considerations in acute and chronic SCI and the many advances in technology that impact rehabilitation and patients’ overall quality of life.

With chapters authored by respected leaders in spinal cord medicine, including those experienced in spinal cord injury medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology, neurosurgery, therapists, and researchers, this third edition goes beyond either of the prior volumes to combine the best of both and create a new unified reference that defines the current standard of care for the field.

  • • Covers all aspects of spinal cord injury and disease with updates on epidemiology of spinal cord injury, the classification of spinal cord injury, newer methods of surgical intervention post-injury, updates to medications, advances in rehabilitation, and changes in technology
  • • Brings together two leading references to create a singular evidence-based resource that defines the current standard of care for spinal cord medicine
  • • Presents the most current medical, clinical, and rehabilitation intelligence
  • • Chapters written by experts across the spectrum of specialists involved in the care of persons with spinal cord injury

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This book is outstanding and will surely replace the prior two leading books that are currently used."

-- Alan Anschel, MD (Shirley Ryan AbilityLab) Doody's Review

"This book will be useful to anyone who is involved in the care of individuals with spinal cord injuries. For those who are learning or studying for spinal cord sub-specialty boards, the topics are comprehensive. For anyone with a more narrow focus, the book provides sufficient detail to be an excellent reference. Given advances in understanding and research in the seven years since the last edition was published, this update is justified."

-- Katherine W Stenson, MD (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) Doody's Review - previous edition


This book provides practitioners, researchers, and students with a clinically focused reference on spinal cord medicine. Both the authors and contributors are leaders in their respected fields of medicine.

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