Wound Care Made Incredibly Easy

Wound Care Made Incredibly Easy
4th Ed.
2024 © Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Patricia A. Slachta, PhD, RN, APRN, ACNS-BC, CWOCN
ISBN-13: 978-1-975209-21-6
Nursing, Anatomy


Rich with real-life, full-color images, Wound Care Made Incredibly Easy, 4th Edition, presents a lighthearted approach to complex concepts and takes the stress out of mastering the skills and treatments essential to positive wound care outcomes.

Excel in the classroom and on the unit with this highly visual text filled with up-to-date insights, clear, concise explanations, and plenty of vibrant images.

  • UPDATED! Reorganized skin and wound anatomy and physiology content clarifies key concepts.
  • NEW! Focus on wound bed preparation reinforces essential care practices.
  • NEW! Images familiarize you with wounds as they appear on diverse skin types.
  • NEW! Chapter on wounds caused by external factors enriches your understanding of commonly encountered wound types.
  • NEW! COVID-19 content helps you confidently identify and address related injuries.
  • NEW! Chapter on skin and wound care for the pediatric population alerts you to care considerations specific to younger clients.
  • UPDATED! References and resources point you to additional trusted perspectives and practices in the field.

Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This is a good review and quick reference for practicing nurses and students. The material is what healthcare professionals need to know and the information is presented clearly along with numerous visual examples. I would recommend this as a staple on medical-surgical units."

-- Josie Bowman, RN, MSN, PhD (East Carolina University )Doody's Review - previous edition


This is written for beginning and advanced practitioners. It is also a good reference for other healthcare professionals, either occupational or physical therapists, who work with clients with all stages of wound care.

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