Wound Care Made Incredibly Easy

Wound Care Made Incredibly Easy
3rd Ed.
2016 © Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Patricia A. Slachta, PhD, RN, APRN, ACNS-BC, CWOCN
ISBN-13: 978-1-4963-0631-9
Nursing, Anatomy


Tackle the fundamentals of wound care the fun way!

Get all the basics on wound care—the fundamental skills and science you need, in easy-to-remember ways, including:

  • • Skin anatomy and physiology in easy-to-follow terms
  • • Basic wound care assessment, procedures, monitoring, and long-term care
  • • The stages of wound healing
  • • Wound and skin assessment tool

Expert insight and step-by-step direction!

Get the complete how-to on essential nursing procedures, including:

  • • Quick guide to wound care dressings, with dressing type, indications, and products
  • • Prevention, staging, and management of pressure ulcers
  • • Interventions for diabetic, arterial, vascular, and venous ulcers
  • • Infection control, patient-teaching tips, pain management, and more

Wound care made easy!

Practical illustrations throughout focus on helping you learn with ease:

  • Just the facts – An outline of chapter content at the start of every chapter
  • Memory joggers – Simple tricks for remembering crucial info
  • Stay on the ball – Possible dangers, risks, complications and safety measures
  • Take note! – Tips on documenting patient info
  • Dress for success - Tips for choosing and using wound dressings
  • Get wise to wounds - Pointers on doing wound assessments, wound care procedures, and patient teaching
  • Handle with care - Unique wound care needs of pediatric, geriatric, and bariatric patients
  • Quick Quiz – Multiple-choice questions (and answers) at end of every chapter

Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This is a good review and quick reference for practicing nurses and students. The material is what healthcare professionals need to know and the information is presented clearly along with numerous visual examples. I would recommend this as a staple on medical-surgical units."

-- Josie Bowman, RN, MSN, PhD (East Carolina University )Doody's Review - previous edition


This is written for beginning and advanced practitioners. It is also a good reference for other healthcare professionals, either occupational or physical therapists, who work with clients with all stages of wound care.

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