Lab Manual of Normal Oral Histology

Lab Manual of Normal Oral Histology
2000 © Quintessence Publishing Co, Inc.
Holliston L. Riviere PhD
ISBN-13: 978-0-86715-386-6
Dentistry, Allied Health, Basic Sciences, Dental Hygiene, Histology, Laboratory & Diagnosis


This lab manual of color oral histology photographs is designed to aid dental and dental hygiene students in identifying the salient features of microscopic anatomy of oral tissues. It presents large, clear, identifiable photos of normal oral tissues and developing teeth accompanied by brief descriptions highlighting the special features of each.

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"This is a very innovative text as most books on the subject are focused on written text with much fewer illustrations. This should prove to be a valuable training aid for students of oral histology."

-- Sudsukh Thongthammachat, DDS, MSD (University of Chicago Hospitals) Doody's Review


The target audience is undergraduate students in dentistry and histology who are studying the microscopic anatomy of normal oral tissues. Through the use of numerous high quality color photomicrographs, the author achieves his goal of providing a teaching text and, as such, this should prove to be very beneficial to the target audience.

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