Esthetics in Dentistry: Volume 1

Esthetics in Dentistry: Volume 1
2nd Ed.
1998 © B.C. Decker Inc.
Ronald E. Goldstein, D.D.S.
ISBN-10: 1-55009-047-X


Esthetics in Dentistry has been an important resource in the practice of general dentistry and orthodontics for more than a quarter century. This full-color revision of the original classic contains an incredible number of advances in techniques and materials. Dr. Ronald Goldstein presents the principles, communication techniques and treatment methods for selecting patients and creating esthetic restorations. Treatments include cosmetic contouring, bleaching, bonding, etched porcelain restorations and crown restorations.

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"It was a true delight to read this book. The flow was wonderful, full of insights, principles, problem solving, and treatment options as well as procedural how to's, etc. The numerous photos, graphs, references, tables, etc., allow a greater basic understanding to the ever-developing world of esthetic dentistry. This rapidly growing field needs continual updating of information, and since 1976 when this was a dream, we have now developed this most rapidly growing section of dentistry. The editor long ago recognized the need. He has now given us the direction."

-- Martin Marcus, DDS (University of Chicago Medical Center) Doody's Review


This book is targeted for general dentists with a bias or slant towards esthetic dentistry, and prosthodontists, as well as dental students and residents. The editor is a very creditable source with a respected name in our field and with many friends who contributed a great deal to this text.

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