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Quintessence of Dental Technology
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Vincent Fehmer, MDT
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QDT - Volume Number: 45 (2022-2023)   QDT - Volume Number: 45 (2022-2023)

QDT 2022/2023 QDT 2023 is the inaugural issue under editor-in-chief Vincent Fehmer, MDT. Under his editorship, QDT maintains its signature look but with a more fluid design, larger images, more international authors, and a new vision—the feasibility of the presented work and its actual application to daily practice. All patients deserve a beautiful outcome no matter their circumstances, and advancements in digital technology, workflows, and highly esthetic dental materials continue to bring this dream closer to reality. Highlights of this year’s issue therefore include laboratory-generated digital concepts in modern dental communication, facially driven planning and rehabilitation, interdisciplinary treatments using digital tools, as well as approaches to enhance anterior esthetics, ensure excellent tooth preparation, and achieve the proper translucency levels, among other topics. Up your game with this volume of QDT.

QDT - Volume Number: 44 (2021-2022)   QDT - Volume Number: 44 (2021-2022)

QDT 2021/2022 introduces new digital concepts and novel treatment strategies that are sure to inspire the dental technician and restorative clinician. New this year are links to informative videos to give readers a dynamic representation of the new techniques presented. Original articles in this year’s volume describe the digital alveolar support technique, digital impression strategies for more predictable final restorations, a modified All-on-4 concept that retains teeth for natural dentofacial esthetics, and a new crown-lengthening approach for optimal soft tissue healing. “Biomaterials Update” explores gradient multilayered zirconia for expanding the indication of monolithic zirconia to the esthetic zone. These are but a sampling of the articles in this beautifully produced annual publication.

QDT - Volume Number: 43 (2020)   QDT - Volume Number: 43 (2020)

QDT 2020 presents original articles introducing clinical and laboratory techniques for optimal esthetic results with newer dental materials. Digital dentistry is featured throughout, with articles offering innovative ways to incorporate a combined digital/analog approach to build character and natural esthetics in CAD/CAM restorations. The 3D-printed interim immediate complete denture, self-glazing liquid ceramics, Inside Out technique, and 3D Magic MakeUp are but a few of the novel procedures featured in this beautifully produced annual resource for the laboratory technician and restorative clinician.

QDT - Volume Number: 42 (2019)   QDT - Volume Number: 42 (2019)

QDT 2019 presents a potpourri of original articles highlighting new techniques and novel approaches for creating beautiful smiles—both in form and function. Featured articles include an innovative procedure for predictably matching a veneer to an implant crown, a program for producing a personalized smile based on its visual identity, and the Plane System for virtual functional and esthetic analysis, diagnosis, and CAD/CAM fabrication. These are but a few of the pearls found in this year’s beautifully produced annual resource for the dental technician and restorative clinician.

QDT - Volume Number: 41 (2018)   QDT - Volume Number: 41 (2018)

QDT 2018 presents original articles with a beautiful array of images showcasing the year’s newest techniques, materials, tools, and innovations. This year’s focus is decidedly digital—digital treatment planning, digital communication, and digital multidisciplinary workflow for esthetic and functional rehabilitations. Minimally invasive techniques are highlighted throughout, including their use for full-mouth rehabilitation and to restore the morphology of teeth damaged by wear. A special “how-to” article on focus stacking macro photography by Carlos Ayala Paz is the first to be published specific to dentistry.

QDT - Volume Number: 40 (2017)   QDT - Volume Number: 40 (2017)

QDT 2017 celebrates its 40th anniversary in style with beautifully presented original articles on new materials and techniques for achieving the utmost esthetic restorative results. This year's focus is on challenging esthetic cases, treatment planning for various restorative options, new techniques using zirconia, and taking CAD/CAM beyond its limits. The State of the Art article presents the RAW digital workflow, and the Biomaterials Update features the Adhesive Restorative Complex concept. QDT's new Masterclass article addresses the challenge of restoring a single central incisor. And the Masterpiece article this issue, presented by Naoki Hayashi, is a visual display of dental artistry.

QDT - Volume Number: 39 (2016)   QDT - Volume Number: 39 (2016)

A selection of the newest materials and best fabrication techniques for esthetic restorative results are elegantly presented in QDT 2016. Original articles on minimally invasive procedures, CAD/CAM, difficult cases, and the ever-challenging transition zone take center stage this year. The State of the Art article features full-mouth esthetic rehabilitation of the severely worn and compromised dentition, and the Biomaterials Update focuses on self-etching primer as an alternative to strong hydrofluoric and porcelain etching. Rounding out the issue is a special feature on achieving excellence in portrait photography, courtesy of Naoki Aiba.

QDT - Volume Number: 38 (2015)   QDT - Volume Number: 38 (2015)

With its focus on the newest techniques and materials for esthetic restorative outcomes, QDT 2015 features original articles on CAD/CAM, conservative adhesive restorations, non-prep veneers, pink esthetics, full-mouth reconstructions, and overall challenging cases. Two State of the Art articles are presented: Mastering Esthetic and Functional Rehabilitation of the Severely Worn Dentition by Serio Arias et al, and CAD/CAM Technology for Complete Dentures Fabrication by Tae Kim and Sillas Duarte, Jr. Neimar Sartori et al provide this year's Biomaterials Update on CAD/CAM High-Strength Glass Ceramics.

QDT - Volume Number: 37 (2014)   QDT - Volume Number: 37 (2014)

With a focus on the newest techniques and materials for ultimate esthetic outcomes, QDT 2014 features original articles on minimally invasive indirect restorations, model-guided soft tissue regeneration, opacity control using pressed ceramics, complex integrated esthetic rehabilitation, CAD/CAM tooth-colored occlusal splints, shade interpretation, optical phenomena, and the art of visual thinking. This year’s State of the Art article by Paulo Kano and Nelson Silva describes the Anatomic Shell Technique for mimicking nature. Sillas Duarte et al provide the year’s Biomaterials Update on ceramic-reinforced polymers—novel CAD/CAM hybrid restorative materials.

QDT - Volume Number: 36 (2013)   QDT - Volume Number: 36 (2013)

In QDT 2013, master clinicians present the newest concepts, laboratory techniques, and materials used by restorative and esthetic dentists and technicians. Focusing particularly on esthetic treatment using advanced ceramics, this year's issue covers topics such as pink ceramics, the anatomical shell technique, CAD/CAM, minimally invasive esthetic restorations, and opacity control. This year's State of the Art article features the inverse layering technique and Biomaterials Update highlights composite resins. Each original article is beautifully displayed in classic QDT fashion, making this year's issue another great addition to your QDT library.

QDT - Volume Number: 35 (2012)   QDT - Volume Number: 35 (2012)

The 35th-anniversary issue of QDT is an impressive compilation of original articles by some of the masters in esthetic dentistry on the newest concepts, laboratory techniques, and materials for restorative dentists and dental technicians. Ultraconservative esthetic treatment and nature-inspired restorations are the main focus of this year's issue, which also includes special articles on digital smile design as a tool for treatment planning and the periprosthetic connection in treating an ankylosed central incisor. This beautifully produced 35th-anniversary issue will not only educate but will inspire readers to excellence.

QDT - Volume Number: 34 (2011)   QDT - Volume Number: 34 (2011)

QDT 2011 presents new concepts, laboratory techniques, and materials forrestorative dentists and dental technicians seeking to stay abreast of developments in esthetic dentistry. Original articles, beautifully displayed in typicalQDT fashion, focus this year on ultraconservative restorations, the art of mimicking nature, and overall excellence in dental esthetics. This year's Stateof the Art article presents artistry using CAD/CAM technology in implant dentistry,and Biomaterials Update reveals current concepts in adhesivecements for esthetic restorations. The masters themselves display their expertisein QDT 2011.

QDT - Volume Number: 33 (2010)   QDT - Volume Number: 33 (2010)

QDT 2010 showcases select original articles featuring the newest materials, concepts, and laboratory techniques. Two new columns make their debut this year: Scientific Overview (highlighting bonding ceramic restorations) and State of the Art (focusing on the esthetic wax-up). With its beautiful imagery, information-packed QDT 2010 once again is certain to draw raves.

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