Cases in Human Parasitology

Cases in Human Parasitology
2004 © American Society for Microbiology
Judith S. Heelan
ISBN-10: 1-55581-296-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-55581-296-6


Cases in Human Parasitology focuses solely on parasites that adversely affect humans. Intended as a supplement to texts in human parasitology for medical students, this resource is also an important educational reference for health care scientists active in the field of parasitology. Features 62 case studies focusing on intestinal protozoa, blood and tissue protozoa, cestodes, trematodes and intestinal nematodes, as well as blood and tissue nematodes. Includes thought-provoking questions covering everything from diagnosis and the life cycle of the identified parasite to epidemiology and prevention. Also features a glossary of descriptive terms.

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