Nutritional Issues in Cancer Care

Nutritional Issues in Cancer Care
1st Ed.
2005 © Oncology Nursing Society
Sandra L. Luthringer RD, LDN; Valerie J. Kogut MA, RD, LDN
ISBN-13: 978-1-890504-54-0


A practical guide on nutrition for healthcare professionals involved in the day-to-day management of patients in all phases of cancer care including prevention, treatment, survivorship, and palliative care.

Effectively managing nutritional issues takes a true cooperative effort among the members of a healthcare team involved in the care of the patient with cancer. Oncology nurses and dietitians must collaborate to devise a plan of action that combines dietetic and symptom management concerns.

Unlike other books on nutritional oncology that focus on the nutritional needs of patients during the various forms of treatment for cancer, Nutritional Issues in Cancer Care is designed to provide you with site-specific information regarding the disease, common treatment modalities, and nutrition implications related to the disease and/or treatment.

You will find nutrition assessment guidelines as well as care plan guides to provide you with assistance in managing the patient with cancer. The format of the book will allow for you to reference the nutritional concerns of a particular diagnosis quickly so you can develop a proactive plan for nutritional intervention.

Chapters detail nutritional issues in cancer prevention, complementary and alternative medicine, hospice and palliative care, and more. Specific types of cancer are also individually examined including breast, colorectal, esophageal and gastric, head and neck, lung, pancreatic, prostate, and many more.

This book will provide a valuable insight for those new to the field of oncology, as well as a convenient resource for seasoned professionals looking for nutritional information on common cancers.

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"This book is comprehensive and provides information on prevention and nutritional therapy that is useful for both the novice and the expert."

-- Susan Eley, PhD, MS, RN, FNP-BC (Indiana State University) Doody's Review


Collaboration between nurses and dietitians can result in the best nutritional care for patients. The book is for those healthcare providers who are new to the field of oncology as well as seasoned professionals. All those on the healthcare team would be the target audience for this book, including students, patients, and significant others. The editors and authors are credible.

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