Manual for Radiation Oncology Nursing Practice and Education

Manual for Radiation Oncology Nursing Practice and Education
4th Ed.
2012 © Oncology Nursing Society
Marilyn L. Haas PhD, ANP-BC; Ryan R. Iwamoto ARNP, MN, AOCN®; Tracy K. Gosselin RN, MSN, AOCN®
ISBN 10: 1-935864-12-2 / ISBN 13: 978-1-935864-12-7
Oncology, Nursing


In support of radiation oncology nurses' efforts nationally and internationally to provide quality care, the Oncology Nursing Society is providing the fourth edition of the Manual for Radiation Oncology Nursing Practice and Education. As with past editions, this manual covers the role of the radiation oncology nurse, the minimum qualifications for practice, and the revised and expanded scope of radiation oncology nursing practice. This edition includes seven new sections on bone cancer, benign conditions, oncologic emergencies, proton beam therapy, care of older adults, care of people with special needs, and survivorship.

This manual provides specific guidelines for the education of radiation oncology nurses, both new and experienced, and for the practice of quality nursing care. This manual can also assist with the articulation of the role of the radiation oncology nurse, justification of nursing positions in the department, and evaluation of radiation oncology nurses' performance.

This fourth edition continues to support oncology nurses working with radiation treatment with the overriding goal of providing quality care to patients with cancer. This new edition features expanded coverage on issues such as patient education, assessment, symptom management, documentation, radiation protection, and quality improvement. You'll also find included sections on evidence-based practice, new technology, pediatrics, palliative care, nuclear and radiologic bioterrorism, and clinical trials.

Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This book should be on the "must have" list for every oncology unit whether actively treating the patient or caring for the patient afterwards. The updated version is timely in the ever changing world of oncology."

-- Kathy Bannon, ADN, OCN (Union Hospital) Doody's Review - previous edition


Written for nurses caring for and managing the side effects experienced by patients receiving radiation. The authors have experience in oncology and most are nationally certified in the field.

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