Toolkit for New Accreditation Professionals

Toolkit for New Accreditation Professionals
3rd Ed.
2020 © Joint Commission Resources
The Joint Commission Resources
Kathy DeMase
ISBN-13: 978-1-63585-146-5
eISBN-13: 978-1-63585-147-2
Hospital Administration, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement


The Toolkit for New Accreditation Professionals, 3rd Edition will lead accreditation professionals through the Joint Commission accreditation cycle and survey process—from the Electronic Application for Accreditation to the survey and accreditation decision and beyond into continuous compliance. It introduces you to Key Concepts, with activities to get you started applying those concepts in your everyday responsibilities. It also provides more than 40 ready-to-use tools linked from those activities.

The toolkit is divided into four parts:

  • • Part 1 introduces readers to The Joint Commission and explains accreditation and certification.
  • • Part 2 breaks down the accreditation cycle and survey process to better understand what readers should expect.
  • • Part 3 discusses collecting, reporting, understanding, and using Joint Commission–related performance measure data.
  • • Part 4 covers topics corresponding to core concepts addressed by the standards in each manual chapter, including challenging standards:
          o Performance improvement
          o Leadership
          o Staffing
          o Care of the patient
          o Records and information technology
          o Infection prevention and control
          o Medication management
          o The physical environment
          o Testing and transplants

New accreditation professionals will find a wealth of information to help them understand how Joint Commission accreditation works and focus compliance activities on the core concepts embedded in the standards. Veteran professionals also can use this book to educate and mentor staff and teams about The Joint Commission.

This third edition of the toolkit has been fully updated and expanded with more information about The Joint Commission, accreditation cycle, and survey process. In addition, we have updated content focusing on performance measure data and core standards concepts to reflect changes since the last edition. Dozens of tools are included that have been vetted by Joint Commission staff—each one able to be downloaded and customized.

Key Topics

  • • The accreditation cycle and survey process.
  • • Core concepts from each standards chapter, including challenging requirements.
  • • The importance of performance measure data and how to work with Joint Commission data.

Key Features

  • • Focused, easy-to-understand content.
  • • Practical activities and tips to apply the key compliance concepts.
  • • More than 40 downloadable, customizable tools.
  • • Updated glossary of terms with simple, straightforward definitions.
  • • Developed by Joint Commission experts.

Standards: All standards.

Setting: Ambulatory Care, Behavioral Health Care, Critical Access Hospital, Home Care, Hospital, Office-Based Surgery, Nursing Care Centers, Laboratory.

Key Audience

  • • New accreditation professionals.
  • • Health care professionals who need to understand The Joint Commission and its processes.
  • • Veteran accreditation professionals who mentor and train staff.

Table of Contents

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