AHFS Drug Information®

An Evidence-based Foundation for Safe and Effective Drug Therapy

AHFS Drug Information®
2023 Ed.
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American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
ISBN-13: 978-1-58528-706-2
Pharmacy/Pharmacology, Drug Information, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Point of Care, Public Health


AHFS Drug Information® 2023 contains the most dependable drug information available—all in one place. It is the most comprehensive evidence-based source of drug information complete with therapeutic guidelines and off-label uses.

With expanded and revised content supported by more than 97,000 references and incorporating the advice of numerous subject matter experts, AHFS DI helps you protect your patients and your practice.

Updates in the new edition:

  • • Clinical perspective sections that include place of therapy discussions and recommendations from therapeutic guidelines
  • • The latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics, including information from FDA Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs), clinical considerations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and guidelines from the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • • Contemporary topics such as new antimigraine treatments, specialty pharmacy drugs, and the antiviral used for the treatment of Mpox
  • • Inclusion of Standardize4Safety concentration standards for IV and oral liquid drugs
  • • Newly published information on breakthrough oncology drugs approved as part of the FDA’s accelerated approval program
  • • Expanded content on off-label uses, real-world data, and long-term clinical data
  • • Updated information on pharmacogenomic considerations based on recommendations from the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC)
  • • Addition of 21 new molecular entities (NMEs) or new therapeutic biological products approved since January 2022

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"This book is a valuable reference to access drug information, from current therapeutic guidelines to off-label uses. The updates in the 2023 reference contain the latest information about COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics, contemporary treatment topics, Standardized 4 Safety concentration standards for IV and oral liquid drugs, breakthrough oncology drugs approved through the FDA's accelerated approval program, and pharmacogenomic considerations. The updates also contain clinical perspective sections that include place of therapy discussions and recommendations from therapeutic guidelines."

-- Yen Dang, PharmD (University of Maryland Eastern Shore) Doody's Review

"This book succeeds in offering an updated drug compendium of evidence-based drug monographs, meeting the needs of today's healthcare professionals. The reference continues to be trustworthy, relying on the most prestigious and knowledgeable drug experts in the medical field. Current topics are incorporated, such as breakthrough oncology drugs, pharmacogenomics, off-label drug uses, and opioid use disorder. It is a worthy addition to the personal library of physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and other prescribers."

-- Melissa Potts, BS, PharmD (Temple University School of Pharmacy) Doody's Review - previous edition

"This reference is widely used and trusted for its established record in refuting unfounded efficacy claims, its rigorous science-based editorial process, and its independence from the influence of pharmaceutical manufacturers."

-- Jennifer Colon, PharmD, MS, MBA (Temple University School of Pharmacy) - previous edition

"You cannot be a pharmacist without this book. For clinical pharmacists especially it is the standard..."

-- Miriam Klein, Pharm.D. R.Ph. (Woodhull Medical Center) - previous edition


The book is written for pharmacists and other healthcare providers to access specific guidance needed to prescribe and monitor drug therapy safely and effectively. It includes over 97,000 cited references linked to 735,000 statements with 70,000 supporting evidence sources. Using an independent, evidence-based evaluative process, the drug monographs incorporate information from pertinent references in the literature and expert therapeutic guidelines. This point-by-point analysis and evaluation of the literature make this reference comprehensive, evaluative, and unbiased.

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