Planning, Design, and Construction of Health Care Facilities - 4th Ed. (2019)

Planning, Design, and Construction of Health Care Facilities - 4th Ed. (2019)
4th Ed.
2019 © Joint Commission Resources
Joint Commission Resources
Carolyn Schierhorn, MA
ISBN-13: 978-1-63585-111-3
eISBN-13: 978-1-63585-112-0
Healthcare Administration, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement


A well-designed and safely-built health care facility is key to the provision of safe and effective care within that structure’s walls. Many new health care facilities are being built around the world, and even more health care facilities are being renovated and updated to accommodate modern health care technology and care needs. Just like any construction or renovation project, health care facilities require resources, education, communication, and collaboration throughout the process, which encompasses planning, design, construction, and commissioning. When patient and worker safety are at risk, the stakes for a successful project are even higher.

This new 4th edition of Planning, Design, and Construction of Health Care Facilities, developed in partnership with the American Institute of Architects Academy of Architecture for Health (AIA-AAH), is a comprehensive guide for health care organizations around the world looking to build new facilities—or update current structures—in compliance with Joint Commission, Joint Commission International (JCI), and other recognized standards of health care design excellence. This new edition includes a wealth of information, strategies, tools, case studies, and experiences that will help you to understand core concepts for a successful project.

Key Topics:

  • • Chapters focused on a specific phase of the project process (planning, design, construction, and commissioning) and how it interacts with the other phases
  • • The renovation process – resources, education, communication and collaboration
  • • Expanded information on process improvement, risk assessment and commissioning

Key Features:

  • • Project Gallery - highlights projects by domestic and international health care organizations
  • • Standards Sidelight- reinforces how Joint Commission and JCI standards relate to key concepts
  • • Overreaching Issue - addresses issues relevant throughout the entire project
  • • Focus Features – covers critical and supplementary related topics, such as designing for safety and reliability, alternate facility delivery models, and more

Standards: Joint Commission and JCI standards related to the planning, design, and construction of health care facilities, including Environment of Care (EC), Infection Prevention and Control (IC), and Life Safety (LS) as well as Facility Management and Safety (FMS); Governance, Leadership, and Direction (GLD); and Prevention and Control of Infections (PCI)


  • • Domestic: Ambulatory Health Care, Behavioral Health Care, Critical Access Hospitals, Hospitals, Laboratories, Nursing Care Centers, Office-based Surgery Practices

  • • International: Ambulatory Care, Clinical Laboratories, Hospital, Long Term Care, Primary Care

Key Audience:

  • • Hospital leaders
  • • Facilities managers
  • • Architects
  • • Designers
  • • Construction firms

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Quotes, Reviews or Testimonials

"The quality of this book is great. It can be used by organizations planning construction/renovations or by established organizations beginning innovative projects. It will be a fundamental tool in creating well-designed healthcare facilities that are safe and up to date on Joint Commission standards."

-- Kristine Mortimore, MSN, BSN (Rush University Medical Center)Doody's Review


This book is written for a vast group from architects and contractors to healthcare leaders, administrators, and facility directors. It is not merely focused on construction but articulates layout proposals and how to create a well-organized, safe environment for organizations. The author is a fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA). This designation represents outstanding work and contributions to architecture. The book has also been reviewed by a team of Joint Commission experts.

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