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Wiley Visual Library
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Wiley Visual Library offers an easy way to search visual content from more than 1,300 Wiley journals across a variety of subjects in healthcare, life sciences, and the humanities. This comprehensive library contains over 2 million visual assets, including photos, figures, videos, and more. Clinicians, researchers, and students will save time sourcing peer-reviewed, reliable visual content to reach their goals.

Through the help of Wiley Visual Library:

  • • Clinicians can find resources to visually identify patient presentations
  • • Researchers can conduct literature reviews more effectively
  • • Medical students can supplement their study tools during rotations
  • • Undergraduates can explore concepts and engage with research

Wiley Visual Library is a subscription-based discovery tool that complements research through Stat!Ref. Users can more efficiently find visual content they need and link to relevant topics in Stat!Ref. Files link to sources on the Wiley Online Library and to articles on PubMed.


  • • Search over 2 million visual assets, including photos, figures, videos, and more
  • • New assets constantly added from newly published articles
  • • Assets sourced from journals published by Wiley, the world's largest society publisher
  • • Content from top journals, including Cancer, Journal of Advanced Nursing, and more
  • • Assets may be used for non-commercial purposes provided they are properly cited.
  • • Cross-links to source articles on Wiley Online Library and PubMed, plus related content in STAT!Ref
  • • All assets indexed against MeSH terminology to ensure accurate results for common keyword queries

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