Pressure Ulcer Prevention Toolkit

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Toolkit
2012 © Joint Commission Resources
Ilese J. Chatman
ISBN-10: 1-59940-615-2 / ISBN-13: 978-1-59940-615-2
Patient Safety and Quality Improvement , Allied Health, Genetics, Nursing, Nutrition & Dietetics


Despite increased attention to the pressure ulcer problem and evidence that indicates many pressure ulcers can be avoided with proper care, pressure ulcers are very common in various health care settings around the world. In response to this global health care issue, the Pressure Ulcer Prevention Toolkit provides practical and effective tips, strategies, forms, and illustrations for preventing and mitigating pressure ulcers. Read about theoretical and practical information needed to immediately incorporate improvements to your organization’s pressure ulcer prevention initiatives or develop a new program based on the following:

  • Care Challenges and Prevention: Users will be able to make an informed decision and apply safer care based on informative evidence-based guidelines and recommendations for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.
  • National Patient Safety Goal and Accreditation Standards: Staff will learn how to become compliant with The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal related to pressure ulcer care and Joint Commission International standards and requirements.
  • Assessment and Reassessment: Staff will become knowledgeable on care protocols to improve assessment and reassessment methods for pressure ulcers.
  • Sustaining Improvements: Users can create, benchmark, compare, and implement policies and procedures developed by organizations from around the world.
  • Educational Tools: The hardcopy version of your STAT!Ref title includes a CD-ROM with extra features, which are all included with your e-version in the "Additional Tools" folder download. Download and use these extra features to develop an educational training tool for staff to immediately and effectively incorporate improvements to your organization’s pressure ulcer prevention activities.

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"This is an excellent resource because of its many credible tools. Readers can determine pros and cons and what would work in their particular setting."

-- Sharon Thomas, BSN (University of Missouri-Columbia) Doody's Review


This is a resource for any healthcare provider interested in and tasked with the care of persons at risk for developing pressure ulcers. The language is geared to professionals, but with the excellent illustrations and CD (incorporated in the online version under "Additional Tools"), the message can easily be shared with the nonprofessional caregiver. The book does an excellent job of including tools and resources from very credible authorities in the field.

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