Geriatric Medicine: An Evidence Based Approach

Geriatric Medicine: An Evidence Based Approach
4th Ed.
2003 © Spring-Verlag New York, Inc.
Christine K. Cassel et. al.
ISBN-13: 978-0-387-95514-8
Geriatric Medicine, Evidence Based Medicine


The 4th edition of this book covers extraordinary advances that have occurred in the science of aging and the potential for biomedical research to give us answers to many, if not most, of the age-related disorders that threaten the quality of life in older years. Also included in this edition is 186 Illustrations in 217 Parts, 8 in Full Color.

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"The expertise of individual authors shines through in many places. The thoroughness, pagination, and ease of using the information here maintain this book's status as one of the leading comprehensive textbooks of geriatric medicine."

-- David Staats, MD (University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center) Doody's Review


This book is aimed at practicing physicians as well as medical trainees at all levels. The entire team of health professionals caring for older persons will find this book a useful reference.

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