Medicare RBRVS: The Physicians' Guide

Medicare RBRVS: The Physicians' Guide
32nd Ed.
Copyright © 2023 by the American Medical Association.
Sherry L. Smith, MS, CPA
eISBN-13: 978-1-64016-232-7
Coding & Classification


The 32nd edition of Medicare RBRVS: The Physicians’ Guide provides the much-needed updated information on the new 2023 Medicare Physician Payment Schedule, payment rules, background on major coding and legislative changes, CPT, HCPCS, relative value units (RVUs), and GPCIs that affect the physician practice. Available only in eBook format for 2023, this is a must-have tool for physician practices because it offers invaluable insight and information needed to understand Medicare’s resource-based relative value scale (RBRVS) payment system, and to understand the calculation of Medicare payments.

  • Critical insight into the RBRVS system — detailed background information on the RBRVS system, an in-depth explanation of the key components and policy of the Medicare payment system, use of the RBRVS by the private sector, geographic adjustments, government policy and CMS adoption of the Physician Practice Information Survey Data and other Practice Expense Methodology changes.
  • Updated information on the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, payment rules, and the conversion factor — covers new payment rules that take effect in 2023.
  • Updated RVUs for CPT® 2023 codes including every RVU component — Physician Work, Practice Expense (Facility and Non-facility) and Professional Liability Insurance.
  • List of RVUs for CPT and HCPCS – coded procedures and services— calculate and establish physician payment using RBRVS relative values.
  • List of Base Units for anesthesiology services.
  • List of geographic practice cost indices (GPCIs) for each Medicare payment locality — Physician Work, Practice Expense and Professional Liability Insurance

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