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STAT!Ref®, the premier healthcare e-resource, enables users to intuitively cross-search full-text titles, journals, and evidence-based point-of-care authoritative resources in mere seconds. With 600+ and growing resources in over 50 healthcare disciplines, STAT!Ref provides the latest healthcare information in a customizable and convenient format. STAT!Ref goes where you go, accessible by desktop, laptop, and wireless or web-enabled mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Offering exemplary titles from a wide variety of publishers and medical societies, many of the titles available through STAT!Ref are included on Doody’s Core Titles List (DCT). Search all of the titles in your subscription at once using simple text queries and Boolean operators. STAT!Ref will present the results in relevance-ranked order and offer spelling corrections and related concepts to focus your search.

Implementing an à la carte model, STAT!Ref is a subscription-based service. Each subscription renews annually on its anniversary date. A subscriber has the opportunity to add or eliminate any title or resource they want during the renewal process. Additionally, you can choose the number of concurrent users you want or need to access each title.

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Get the results you want from evidence-based and authoritative references in seconds. Pick and choose your titles today. Or, start by selecting from one of our customizable Core Resources Collections featuring 15 different disciplines.

Product Highlights

Every subscription comes with the following:

STAT!Ref incorporates many different features, here are just a few:

Add any of our Premier content and you have a robust and complete one stop place for all of your healthcare resources.

Creating a My STAT!Ref account personalizes your institution’s STAT!Ref subscription to make it unique to you. With a My STAT!Ref account, you can create a customized experience with favorite documents or searches, recent searches, mobile access, e-mail alerts and much more.

  • • Note favorite documents or searches
  • • View recent searches and last viewed resources
  • • Create and manage your own custom search sets
  • • Create a temporary login account, where you can access STAT!Ref via a username and password anytime and anywhere
  • • Configure the STAT!Ref Mobile App to your institution’s account
  • • Set-up and maintain Evidence Alerts
  • • Set-up and maintain Medical News Feed
  • • Set-up and maintain Essential Evidence Plus Daily POEMs E-mail Alerts
  • • Change settings such as how search results are seen, font sizes and other elements on the STAT!Ref subscription home page

From details you can view and edit your My STAT!Ref account. You can also change your My STAT!Ref password. Please note: your profile is setup to enable remote access and if you change the listed email address or password, then the new value(s) will also be what you must use for remote access.

Sign up for STAT!Ref alerts. STAT!Ref provides alerts which you can sign up to receive via email or by subscribing to the RSS versions of the service.
STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts cover a range of healthcare disciplines that can be chosen delivering relevant and meaningful EBM information focused on your healthcare interests, helping with your clinical decisions. Available via e-mail alerts or via the STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts RSS. Choose alert criteria within Medical, Nursing and Rehabilitation disciplines.
STAT!Ref Medical News Feed, in conjunction with Reuters Health Medical News, keeps health professionals ahead of the curve with the latest key developments in the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Available via e-mail alerts or via the STAT!Ref Medical News Feed RSS.
For subscribers of Essential Evidence Plus (EE+), Daily POEMs (“Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters”) are e-mail alert synopses of new evidence carefully filtered for relevance to patient care and evaluated for validity. Daily POEMs emerge from continuous review, grading, and critical appraisal of all 3000+ studies published monthly in more than 100 journals.

Search Sets
My STAT!Ref users have the ability to create their own personal Search Sets for use within the Advanced Search page. The list box labeled "Current Search Sets" is a list containing all your Search Sets. Initially, this list will be empty, and you will only be able to add a new Search Set. Once you have added Search Sets, you will see them in the Advanced Search page in the “Search by Discipline” drop-down. You can also click here to “Edit My Search Sets.”

In settings, choose your default medical dictionary, the URL you go to when you logoff of STAT!Ref, how you would like to see the bookshelf tab in your STAT!Ref subscription, determine if you hide or show book covers on the search results page, determine if you show excerpts of results after a search, dictate the font size of STAT!Ref documents, hide or show images on the last searched panel and determine how many search results you would like to see on your page. You can also check a box to always open Figure, Table, and Video links in a new window.

Temporary Login Account
Create, activate and renew a Temporary Login Account. Why Do We Call it a Temporary Login Account? Activating the Temporary Login Account will provide the ability to login to your institutional subscription via a username (email address) and password on your mobile device, remote laptop, tablet, desktop, etc. This account will be the same as a My STAT!Ref account. The My STAT!Ref email address and password become a login account, temporarily. Temporary Login Accounts expire 90 days from initial setup, by default. Your institutions decision maker, in regards to STAT!Ref, can request to make the expiration shorter or longer from 30 days up to 365 days.

Visit the STAT!Ref Mobile page to learn more on how to turn a My STAT!Ref account into a login account to use with our free app or from any remote location using a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

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While on this site you can go to our Support page where you will find PDFs with title and product information, video presentations and product tutorials which will help you with your use of STAT!Ref.
If you are in STAT!Ref Online then the Help link in the toolbar has answers to most questions on how to use STAT!Ref Online. When you open the help page you will see the help section divided into 3 categories:
Client Manager Help
Statistician Help
User Help
Different levels of help are available based on your own user level. The Client Manager is the person within your institution who manages your STAT!Ref account. The Client Manager has access to the group's properties page -- they may view all of the group's properties and may configure username accounts as well as access the usage reports that Statisticians use.
The Statistician may generate and view statistics reports, but does not have access to group properties or username accounts.
Users have the default access level for STAT!Ref Online which they can use to find answers by using search, the table of contents and the dictionary. Users do not have access to account management or to statistics reports.
If you cannot find the answers you are looking for please contact us with your questions.
Officially supported browser versions are major version minus 1; e.g. Internet Explorer 11 is the official released version of IE. So STAT!Ref supports IE 10 and later (officially). Unofficially, we do strive to maintain functionality for older browsers which requires some functionality to degrade as gracefully as possible.
  • Chrome (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Edge (Windows)
  • Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • IE (Windows)
  • Safari (Mac & Windows)
Any computer with a modern browser and a connection to the internet.
Our new titles, new editions and supplemental updates are done seamlessly behind the scenes as soon as possible after the information is released to us from the various publishers.

Links to all "New and Updated" titles can be found on our Updated title page. Go to New and Updated to view now. You can also view recent title information by clicking on the What's New link at the bottom of the STAT!Ref Online search screen. Notes on title updates that have taken place are available from the footer of STAT!Ref Online pages through the Title Updates link in the lower right corner.
STAT!Ref supports many Federated Search Engines & Discovery Services. Here is a list of the most common ones:
  • • EBSCO A - Z
  • • Ex Libris (ProQuest)
  • • Innovative Interfaces
  • • MuseFirst
  • • Northern Light's
  • • OpenAthens
  • • Serials Solutions 360 Search
  • • TDNet
  • • WAM
  • • OCLC
  • • OVID
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