Scientific American Pain Management

Scientific American Pain Management
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Alan D Kaye, MD, PhD
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Welcome to Scientific American Pain Management!

A Great New Resource for Pain Physicians!

In partnership with ASIPP (American Association of Interventional Pain Physicians), Scientific American Pain Management has now published!

Scientific American Pain Management (SAPM) includes internationally prominent authors; it teaches principles and practice; and it features comprehensive coverage of the discipline.

  • • Updated monthly.
  • • Most comprehensive online work in pain management. 20 units on headache management.
  • • "Womb to Tomb" education. From Weekly Curriculum for trainees, to MOC for specialists in clinical practice.
  • • Clinical photos, histology, imaging studies, tables, graphs, and algorithms are all in the Teaching Slide Library. Whether you are giving the Morning Report, Grand Rounds or a Lunch and Learn presentation, this polished series of teaching slides is an invaluable asset.

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