Scientific American Neurology

Scientific American Neurology
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Martin A. Samuels, MD, FAAN, MACP


Scientific American Neurology is in some ways akin to an online text or reference work in neurology for trainees and practitioners with bimonthly updates. Comprehensive of clinical disorders, tests, treatments and outcomes. SAN fills a unique role in the medical education by providing reliable, continuously updated and innovative content for medical learners from MS3 clerks to PGY1-5 residents to practitioners.

Scientific American Neurology includes internationally prominent authors; it teaches principles and practice; and it features comprehensive coverage of the specialty. Currently updated bimonthly, beginning in 2016 it will be updated monthly.

Decker Intellectual Properties is expanding its scope to become the most comprehensive online work in neurology: 20 units on headache are coming from Elizabeth Loder and Christopher Gottschalk at Harvard and Yale; 11 units on movement disorders will appear under the guidance of Renato Munhoz from Toronto; and 21 new units on child neurology are in development under the stewardship of Phillip Pearl at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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