Spinal Cord Medicine: Principles and Practice

Spinal Cord Medicine: Principles and Practice
2nd Ed.
2010 © Demos Medical Publishing
Vernon W. Lin MD, PhD
ISBN-10: 1-933864-19-2 / ISBN-13: 978-1-933864-19-8
Physical Medicine, Nursing


The thoroughly revised Second Edition of this authoritative reference continues to define the standard of care for the field of spinal cord medicine. Encompassing all of the diseases and disorders that may affect the proper functioning of the spinal cord or spinal nerves, this comprehensive volume provides a state of the art review of the principles of care and best practices for restoring function and quality of life to patients with spinal cord injuries.

Expert contributors from multiple disciplines cover topics ranging from acute medical and surgical management of specific problems to cutting-edge research, bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction, neurologic and musculoskeletal issues, advanced rehabilitation techniques and technologies, functional outcomes, and psychosocial care. While comprehensive in scope, Spinal Cord Medicine offers practical guidance for physicians and other health care professionals involved in the management of individuals with SCI, multiple sclerosis, and other spinal cord disorders. The Second Edition has been completely updated to fully reflect current science and practice. Each section has been re-ordered to better present information and the Second Edition brings in many new authors and topics, more diagrams, illustrations, and tables to solidify concepts, and contains 18 entirely new chapters.

Spinal Cord Medicine: Principles and Practice, Second Edition, reflects the breadth and depth of this multi-faceted specialty. Involving over 150 authors from more than 20 fields of medicine, it is a trusted reference for anyone who works with spinal cord patients and strives to deliver superior clinical care and improve outcomes.

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"This book will be useful to anyone who is involved in the care of individuals with spinal cord injuries. For those who are learning or studying for spinal cord sub-specialty boards, the topics are comprehensive. For anyone with a more narrow focus, the book provides sufficient detail to be an excellent reference. Given advances in understanding and research in the seven years since the last edition was published, this update is justified."

-- Katherine W Stenson, MD (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) Doody's Review


As intended by the editors and authors, the book delivers an appropriate level of detail to be a valuable tool for health professionals involved in the care of individuals with spinal cord injuries.

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