Psychosocial Nursing Care Along the Cancer Continuum

Psychosocial Nursing Care Along the Cancer Continuum
2nd Ed.
2006 © Oncology Nursing Society
Linda M. Gorman RN, MN, APRN, BC, OCN®, CHPN; Nancy Jo Bush RN, MN, MA, AOCN®; Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson RN, MN
1-890504-57-2 / 978-1-890504-57-1
Oncology, Nursing, Psychiatry


The second edition of Psychosocial Nursing Care Along the Cancer Continuum details the psychosocial impact of cancer on a variety of patient populations and their families.

This text will guide you through the cancer continuum, providing you with perspectives on a range of psychological and physiological issues from diagnosis to end-of-life care.

Sections provide you with insight into influences on the psychosocial experience, psychological and emotional reactions to cancer, psychosocial interventions (including techniques for crisis intervention, application of high-quality, end-of-life care, and more), caring for the caregiver, and much more.

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"This is a wonderful reference for healthcare providers from various disciplines. The book is devoted to psychosocial topics which is its strength because the patient's psychosocial needs can be lost in the fast-paced, short-staffed, high-tech world of healthcare."

-- Marilyn Sample, B.S. and M.S. (Indiana State University) Doody's Review


The book is written for nurses (with various degrees and certifications) and for other healthcare professionals who provide care for cancer patients and their family members/significant others. The editors and authors of chapters are credible authorities.

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