STAT!Ref® Online

STAT!Ref® Online

STAT!Ref® Online is an intuitive, full-text e-resource that enables users to cross-search evidence-based and authoritative refrences in seconds. Pick and choose your titles today. Or, start by selecting one of our customizable
STAT!Ref® Core Resources Collections.

STAT!Ref The Premier Healthcare e-Resources

STAT!Ref® Online Overview

STAT!Ref® Online offers quintessential titles from a wide variety of publishers and medical societies. Many of the titles available through STAT!Ref are included on Doody’s Core Titles List (DCT). Search all of the titles in your subscription at once using simple text queries or Boolean operators. STAT!Ref® will present the results in relevance-ranked order and offer spelling corrections and related concepts to focus your search. You can also create direct links to the titles in your subscription that can be used on your own website or in an e-catalog.

STAT!Ref® Value-Added Resources

AAFP Conditions A to Z

In English and Spanish
STAT!Ref® includes this patient information tool that's been written and reviewed by physicians and patient education professionals at the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Common conditions, treatments and health tips are listed alphabetically or cross-searched in STAT!Ref® Online.

Merck Manual Consumer Version

A patient information tool based on the world's most widely used textbook of medicine, The Merck Manual, but written in everyday language by 300 outstanding contributors. Explains disorders, who is likely to get them, their symptoms, how they're diagnosed, how they might be prevented, and how they can be treated; also provides information about prognosis.

Altmetrics LLP

Altmetric tracks what people are saying about papers online on behalf of publishers, authors, libraries and institutions. Altmetrics is available on select evidence-based alerts offeren by Statref.

Bibliographic Citations

Citations for use in research papers can be generated by using the Bibliographic Citations feature at the bottom of every STAT!Ref® document. You can export citations suitable for use in either RefWorks or EndNote. They are also available in plain text.

Essential Evidence Plus™ (EE+)

An Evidence-Based Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Support System
POEMs (Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters) Research Summaries — Daily e-mail alerts and 5,000+ archived POEMs summarize the most recent, relevant research from over 100 journals to help you stay up to date in your practice. POEMS are available if you subscribe to EE+.

Evidence Alerts

These alerts provide e-mail delivery and access to current EBM information and research from over 130 premier clinical journals. These alerts are pre-rated for clinical relevance and newsworthiness by a panel of practicing physicians through McMaster University. Choose the disciplines within Medicine, Nursing and Rehabilitation and receive EBM updates daily or weekly.

HL7 Infobutton

STAT!Ref® utilizes the HL7 (Health Level Seven) Infobutton search with electronic health records. This allows doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who review a patient's health record quick access to STAT!Ref resources. If provides value for EMR/EHR systems, but can be integrated into any information system.

EBMcalc Complete Edition

EBMcalc is a collection of over 400 calculations, clinical criteria sets and decision trees in STAT!Ref. With every search you perform, STAT!Ref automatically presents links to relevant EBM tools within EBMcalc. Some of the tools included are clinical Criteria Sets, Decision Trees, Medical equations, Unit and Dose Converters, Calculations and Equations by Specialty.

Medical News Feed

In conjunction with Reuters Health Medical News, keeps health professionals ahead of the curve with the latest key developments in the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Produced by the dedicated team of journalists specializing in medicine and pharmacology, this service is an essential news resource for educational institutions, medical programs, nursing programs, pharmaceutical businesses and other health information departments.

My STAT!Ref Account

Creating a "My STAT!Ref Account" Personalizes your institution's Stat!Ref subscription to make it unique to you. With a My Stat!Ref Account, you can create a customised experience with favorite documents or searches, recent searchs, mobile access, email alerts and much more...

PubMed & The National Guidelines Clearing House

STAT!Ref® automatically searches PubMed and the National Guidelines Clearing House for matched results. Related concepts are displayed using the Metathesaurus, provided by the National Library of Medicine's Unified Medical Language System.

Search Enhancements

When a search is performed in STAT!Ref, results from STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts, STAT!Ref Medical News Feed and four web sites provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will appear in the Additional Resources section. - "Pink book" - "Yellow book" - Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report - A community health guide

Clicking on a public site link will open a new window/tab.
CDC public site search will include searching of PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice documents, HTML, text and RTF.  more

Clicking on the Evidence Alerts or Medical New Feed results link will prompt the user to login to preferences, or create a preferences account, and take them to the search results list for their search.

Stedman's Medical Dictionary

The most reliable, must-have resource available for healthcare professional's is included in STAT!Ref®. This 28th Edition contains more than 107,000 terms and has been thoroughly reviewed and updated by consultants from all the major medical and health science specialties. Highlight a word and click on the dictionary link for quick definitions without leaving your search. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions can be substituted as the default dictionary for those in the Dentistry profession.

STAT!Ref® Mobile

Is optimized for delivery on mobile devices. Simply log in as you normally do and most mobile devices will be automatically redirected to the mobile URL. The mobile version has full content available for all STAT!Ref® titles and is intended to allow quick searches of these titles while on the go.

TOXicology Data NETwork (TOXNET)

TOXicology Data NETwork is a set of databases covering toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health and related areas. It is managed by the Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program (TEHIP) in the Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS) of the National Library of Medicine (NLM). STAT!Ref cross-searches TOXNET and provides results from these databases:
• Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB)
• Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)
• International Toxicity Estimates for Risk (ITER)
• Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System (CCRIS)
• Genetic Toxicology (GENE-TOX)
• Tox Town®
• Drugs and Lactation ( LacMed)
• Carcingenic Potency Database (CPDB)
• Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD)


Additional Features

  • 9 Different ways to search STAT!Ref®
  • All STAT!Ref® titles are full-text and cross-searchable
  • Athens Support: Open Athens, My Athens & Shibboleth
  • Doody's Core Titles: Many STAT!Ref titles are on the Doody Core Title list
  • Get a Link: Create a link to your current location. You can also Email it to yourself or a colleague right from within STAT!Ref®
  • Federated Search Support: EBSCO, Ex Libris, OVID, and Serials Solutions, just to name a few
  • Nursing Pod Casts: By author and Professor Sally Lagerquist, RN, MS
  • STAT!Notes: Bookmark pertinent information with an editable STAT!Note
  • Statistics: Extensive and easy to use
  • Versatile Packaging: Be it Ala Carte; from 1 title to everything we offer, by specialty; Medical, Dental, Nursing and Pharmacology, or try one of our Essential Collections

Premier Content

Add any of our Premier content and you have a robust and complete one stop place for all of your healthcare resources.

  • from Primal Inc. - owned and operated by Informa plc.
  • Coding: HCPCS II, ICD-10-CM: Clinical Modification, ICD-10-PCS: Procedure Coding System,CPT® Data Files, OPTUM™ and more...
  • Drug Information: AHFS Drug Information®, DrugPoints® System and Handbook on Injectable Drugs and many more...
  • EBM: Decker Resources, Essential Evidence Plus, Pharmacotherapy, Geriatrics and Nursing just to name a few...
  • Neurological Videos: Neurology Video Textbook is the first fully electronic neurology text from Demos Medical Publishing, LLC
  • Nursing Videos: Lippincott's Video Series Nursing Procedures from © Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
  • Surgical Videos: from Northwestern University


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Teton Data Systems brings you our flagship product STAT!Ref. STAT!Ref, is the premier healthcare e-resource, enabling users to intuitively cross-search full-text titles, journals and evidence-based point-of-care authoritative resources with ease. Over 600+ and growing resources within over 50 healthcare disciplines, STAT!Ref provides the latest healthcare information in a customizable and convenient format. Teton Data Systems prides itself in providing the best medical resources along with the best customer support. For more information, just call 1.800.901.5494 or Contact Us.

STAT!Ref the premier healthcare e-source

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What others are saying...

"STAT!Ref offers a smart search engine, so the searcher doesn't need to be."

- - Annis Lee Adams, Health Sciences Library at the University of Hawaii at Manoa School of medicine

"Thank you for putting together such a user-friendly website. It's extremely instinctive and easy to use. Thank you for making research much easier!"

- - Anne, OMS III, Arizona Health Information Network

"I find Stat!Ref to be my go to online reference. I no longer need to buy textbooks or keep my office cluttered with them."

- - Martin Tien, MD, Southwest Medical Associates

"I found your portal to be a great means of aggregating numerous sources of information that are very beneficial to both informatics students as well as health care professionals such as myself. Having an area which pulls together numerous resources helps in locating patient teaching resources and as a means to locate information to share among colleagues. For those nurses who are seeking to take the NCLEX, the tutorials are a helpful source of information which address areas of deficits or just as a means to review to help in preparation."

- - Sanden Daughhetee, BSN, RN, BAAS, University of North Texas Health Informatics Program

"I like the following aspects of StatRef: The display of titles in an A-Z format, with the choice of viewing by discipline, the custom filter, allowing searching by evidence-based medicine, and the very large selection of titles from which to choose."

- - Emily, Medical Librarian, Deaconess Hospital

"Stat!Ref is outstanding. Your program has been an invaluable resource for my care plans and drug research."

- - Jeff, Nursing Student, Collin College